Tandem shown running on various devices

Your Organization's Master Calendar

Tandem is used by organizations to schedule rooms, groups, teams, events and equipment, all in one place. It's the central calendar that your entire staff can use to make sure every event is scheduled and nothing is double-booked.

Everything on one calendar

Tandem provides your entire scheduling team the ability to enter everything into one master calendar. Now your entire staff will be on the same page about what teams and groups are doing events in all your facilities.

Your staff

One place for your staff to see internal events, and to send requests

Your community

One place to see your event calendar, search, and get notifications

Keep everyone informed

Tandem will automatically notify you when you are about to double book a facility, team or group. Once your events are all scheduled, Tandem can send them directly to your employee's online calendars and keep them updated with emails when events change or are canceled.

Your staff

One place for your staff to see internal events, and to send requests

Your teams / groups

Send notifications to specific groups of people inside your organization about event updates, cancelations or additional events

Your community

One place to see your event calendar, search, and get notifications

Full Conflict Checking

Tandem will automatically alert you when an event will conflict with another before the event gets scheduled on your calendar.
Get conflict alerts
On facility or room bookings, equipment inventory removals, double booking times for specific groups or teams.
Override conflicts
Tandem provides your account admins the ability to "override conflicts" and book your event.

Create your approval workflow

Use Tandem to create your organizations step-by-step approval workflow for any of your buildings or facilities. Each workflow can be customized to include as many people or steps as needed for quick approvals for any of your internal events requests. Each approver will receive a notification when an event needs approval. Once everyone has approved the request, the event will appear on your calendar as "approved".

Tandem on mobile

Quick Event Approval

Empower your entire staff to approve events while on their mobile phone.

Easy Event Cancelations or Location Updates

Did the weather change your event plans? Did an event change rooms or locations? Use the update location or cancel button on your mobile device to let your entire community know.

Simplified Add Event Wizard

Add an event on the calendar to get approvals on the go by using the mobile add event wizard.

Comprehensive Event Search

View and search the entire calendar for any necessary event information from anyone on your mobile device.

Notifications for your entire community

SMS/Text Message

Tandem provides you the ability to send a calendar link directly to your community, so they have the correct link to track all changes and updates on their mobile device.


Tandem will email event requests, event cancelations, and location changes directly to your community members who are involved in, or tracking the event.

Schedulers for your groups

Assign the correct group or team manager to any of your internal groups, like sports teams, math clubs, or staff.

Connect to existing IT infrastructure

Connect Tandem to your existing IT infrastructure for more secure logins, the ability to extend Tandem’s events into other services, easy user importing, and much, much more.

Microsoft Accounts
Active Directory
Google Accounts

Extend with our Tandem API

Tandem's API gives your organization the ability to extend your event data and customize where your data is used and seen, from interoffice screens, websites, or any other services you use internally.


Sync with other calendars

Once an event is added, approved, or canceled, Tandem automatically updates the event on any calendar that is tracking it. Tandem syncs with all major digital calendars, on a desktop or mobile.

Apple iCal

Receive event notifications

Tandem can be set up to trigger event notifications via sms messages, email or in app messages.

SMS/Text Message

Setup is easy, and fast

Once your organization signs up for Tandem, you will be minutes away from scheduling events for your entire community.

In app tour

Tandem provides you a custom in-app tour of each section, making setup and learning how to use Tandem simple, and on your own time. Click here for an example.

Video tours

Video tours are available for quick overviews for each section of Tandem. If you would like a 25min overview on how Tandem works and how to set up Tandem, click here.