Your organization's master calendar

Tandem is used by organizations to schedule rooms, groups, teams, events and equipment, all in one place. It's the central calendar that your entire staff can use to make sure every event is scheduled and nothing is double-booked.

Over 1500 organizations use Tandem.

Here are some reasons why.

Everything on one calendar

Tandem provides your entire scheduling team the ability to enter everything into one master calendar. Now your entire staff will be on the same page about what teams and groups are doing events in all your facilities.

Keep everyone informed

Tandem will automatically notify you when you are about to double book a facility, team or group. Once your events are all scheduled, Tandem can send them directly to your employee's online calendars and keep them updated with emails when events change or are cancelled.

Setup is easy, and fast

Once your organization signs up for Tandem, you will be minutes away from scheduling events for your entire community.

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